Thursday, 5 February 2015

Evil Twin Update...

I have an evil twin. If you would like to know the history of my evil twin along with details of previous sightings you can read about it here and here.

There has been another incident. Two, in fact.

The first didn't seem all that significant at first. I was in the shop near my house, a shop I've been going to a lot over the last couple of years because it's on my way home. I was served by a woman who has been working there as long as I've been going in. I don't know this woman, but I've spent enough time in there and seen her on enough occasions to think that she might recognise me as a regular.

On this one particular evening she recognised me and said 'hello', only it wasn't me she recognised. She asked if I had been a regular customer in a similar shop in another area, because she swears she used to see me there all the time and was surprised to see me in this shop. I have never been to the shop of which she spoke, and yet she seemed certain it was me.

You see, it wasn't me she recognised at all. It was my evil twin.

Then today I went to the coffee place next to my work. I go there at least three times a week to write on my lunch break. Usually I see the same bloke in there and he recognises me, we have a brief chat and then he goes to get me a cappuccino. If he's busy and I walk in he'll tell whoever is serving to get me a cappuccino. Once we had a conversation about the building I work in because he'd seen me in there. The point of all this is, the bloke in the coffee place next to my work knows who I am.

Until today. Today when I went in he told me that someone else came in who looked so much like me he thought it was me. He went to get the imposter a cappuccino, and the man stopped him, for he did not want a cappuccino. He was not me. This shocked the bloke who works in the coffee place because he was certain it was me. Only it wasn't, it was my evil twin.

This doesn't seem to happen to anyone else on as regular a basis as it happens to me. In most cases the common factor is that the witness is someone who sees me on a regular basis. I have no doubt that my evil twin has returned and is once again living nearby.

I will report further incidents as they occur.

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