Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Still crazy busy!

So last week I'm scrambling to get three treatments done and three script samples when I get another message from Ross on his way back from Cannes having had many more meetings. The message essentially says we need four first drafts by the end of June. I panic a bit at first, but then I start to think about it. I've still got Penalty King subtitles to finish and a few other bits and pieces so I can't start the drafts until June anyway. So that's essentially fours weeks - one draft per week. One completely new, good enough to be read by actual producers draft written in one week multiplied by four. No problem...

I then finally meet Ross and things aren't as crazy as I thought. The work has been divided up between a few of us - I'm working on two scripts, the two I've already started. So it's only two drafts before the end of June and I've got a head start. Of my proposed three treatments and three script samples I managed two treatments and no script samples. But they are two very good treatments (or at least, I'm very happy with them) so hopefully I'll be able to produce two very good first drafts. It's a lot of work and still may come to nothing, but I am really enjoying it. The part I'm not looking forward to is when we've sent the drafts and we're then stuck waiting around for people to get back to us, but that's four weeks and two drafts away yet so at the moment I'm trying not to think about it!

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