Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Brewster's Cakes...

It's snowing. That will be relevant later.

So I work in one of those offices where people buy the whole office cakes on their birthday (which I've never understood - surely if it's your birthday people should be buying you cakes). Earlier in the week one of my co-workers came over and said it was her birthday last week when no one was in so could she give me some money so I can buy cakes from both of them. This made sense at the time so I agreed thinking she'll give me a fiver, but she hands me a tenner instead. So this means I now have to spend twenty quid on cakes, which for us poor folk is more than I've ever spent on cakes in one go in my whole life. It can also buy an awful lot of cake, depending on where you go. And it's not a very big office.

Anyway, I figured I'd just go to the shop in the morning, but as the country has been brought to a standstill by Ming the Merciless and his extreme weather machine I thought I'd better go tonight. Only the shop nearest to me is clearly just about to close early so the staff won't get stranded in Portslade (no one wants to get stranded in Portslade, believe me). So Andrea, Brother Pete and I are rushing round the shop trying to spend £20 on a variety of cakes and but there are loads of offers on and all the cakes seem really cheap so suddenly we're in this small-scale cake based version of Brewster's Millions.

Mission kind of successful - we didn't quite manage to spend £20 but I do have a lot of cake. My ideal scenario now is that it snows really badly tomorrow so I get the day off work and can sit around watching films and eating cake. Although that sounds like a bit of a monkey's paw wish with potential to go badly wrong so maybe not.

I tried to think of how I could turn this into a metaphor for turning thirty. But couldn't.

Anyway, once again on the eve of my birthday I am up late finishing off a rewrite. It's gone pretty well, perhaps still not perfect but it feels like I've put a lot of work in and that's always a good sign. Am now taking a break for a few days to do birthday stuff.

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