Sunday, 21 February 2010

If only all music videos were like this one...

Been too busy to blog recently with finishing off one script, writing the first draft of another and finalising wedding plans, but I watched A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors last night and had to post this:

Wow. All film-related music videos should be like that one.

Enjoyed the film a lot too, although it's definitely when the series stops being scary and becomes more about spectacle. If it wasn't so violent it would actually play quite well as a Goonies/Monster Squad kids adventure film. It's a pretty satisfying sequel and builds upon the ideas and characters from the first film really well. I particularly liked John Saxon's role where he gets some closure on his character. But the strongest element of the film has to be the effects and there are all kinds on display here from stop-motion animation to an early example of CGI. Some of it looks a bit clunky now but when it works it works really well. And when it doesn't work it's still pretty satisfying to watch in a nostalgic way.

Also made the effort and saw one of the 'Oscar' films, A Single Man, on Friday. Colin Firth was awesome and should win if only because he seems like a nice bloke and he's been awesome in a lot of things. The first half of the film was also awesome and looked great and had some interesting moments. But after that it just seemed to lose all of its momentum and seemed to almost forget what the story was about - I certainly had at that point. I haven't read the book but it's one of those adaptations where I can see how it would work as a novel but somehow just doesn't translate to screen. And therefore it's an 'Oscar' film - a film that looks great and has an amazing central performance that I will probably never watch again.

Also, lots of my friends have been doing cool stuff...

My friend (and soon to be Best Man) Geraint got to the finals for the John Tripp Award for Spoken Poetry last year. Here he is performing:

Another university friend, John, directed an adaptation of Huckleberry Finn which I saw in Ipswich last week. It was really well staged and the performances were awesome so I recommend checking it out if you can make it to any of the shows. Full details of the tour are here.

Two Brighton bands I know have been nominated for an Emerging Talent Award. This posed something of a dilemma because you can only vote for one. I won't tell you which I voted for, but here's a music video for both so you can decide whether you want to vote for one of them too (which would be awesome of you) and if so which one:

Here's Child of Nicotine by The Badje, a couple of whom were in my class at Brighton Film School:

Support The Badje in the Emerging Talent Awards

And partly as an excuse to post Brother Pete's music video again, here's Soldier by Bitter Ruin:

Support Bitter Ruin in the Emerging Talent Awards

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