Monday, 1 November 2010

Short film diary - Week 24...

So we're getting there...

Last week I watched through the film with the temporary sound mix added, which is around 80% complete. And this made me realise that while I've been going on about how we've kind of slowed down and there's not much happening, my sound editor has been working extra-hard to get this finished for no money and whilst also being on tour with various bands. I am super-grateful and have come to accept that while I want to push for it being finished as soon as possible, ultimately it's going to depend on the time other people can put into it. And as long as we're making progress that's okay - I would just rather not still be saying this at Week 265.

Anyway, seeing it with properly recorded dialogue is a huge improvement. Some of the lines that didn't quite come across before work loads better and the voice-over sections, previously edited together from bits of a number of different people speaking the parts, are now fully edited and working great. There's certainly more consistency to it now and it gives a better idea of what the finished film will be like.

At the same time I've been working on re-editing the musical sequence with Brother Pete which is looking a lot better. At least, it looks a bit more like I wanted it to look but there's still a bit of fiddling to do to get it right. My main job for this week is to go through the film working out where music cues are and what sound effects will need to go where.

The long term plan is to lock picture in the next week or so and have all the colour correction and effects done by the end of November. We're still looking pretty good for finishing by the end of the year, although I think it will be January before we have a proper screening.

On Sunday we got some of the team back together for a photoshoot.

Andrea and I had been to an all-night zombie film marathon so weren't quite awake enough for this, but we managed okay I think. The real problem was deciding what I wanted - there was a particular image I wanted to get for the poster which was fine, but then I figured while everyone was there we should get some more shots too. And I'd meant to prepare for this and figure out when I wanted, but hadn't had enough time so ended up just kind of making it up as I went along and asking other people for suggestions. I think we got some really cool stuff in the end.

It was awesome to see everyone again and despite the tiredness I got back some of the excitement I had when were shooting. It was cool to see Rosie and Lukas in character one last time too and it came with a sense of closure that did make me feel like we are one step closer to finishing the film.

Other vaguely film-related stuff - if you have enjoyed this blog (or at least enjoyed the first part when there was more stuff happening) I suggest you check out Luther Bhogal-Jones' blog here where he covers the making of his short horror film, Creak (which Jenny Ringo DP Darren and make-up artist Jeanette worked on too!).

And if you're in Brighton tomorrow (probably today by the time you're reading this) then he should be screening the film at Son of Moviebar.

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