Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Amazon Studios Experiment: Super-exciting Update!!!

So it's been a couple of weeks since I submitted my script to Amazon Studios and I have to admit, I was completely wrong about it. I've had literally hundreds of reviews, all with insightful feedback notes that are guaranteed to make my script 172% more awesome. Only I don't even need to incorporate the notes as it's already been rewritten 19 times with each writer bringing something new and exciting to the project. It's now set on Mars and the hero is a robot dog who is accidentally implanted with a monkey brain and goes on a friendly rampage. It will definitely be getting produced next year.

Not really. I'm just padding this out because in truth, nothing has happened. The script has been downloaded 3 times, but I've not received any reviews as yet. The only thing I have received is a message from someone telling me how awesome their project is and that if I read their script they will totally read mine. I haven't read their script. It's only been two weeks, but I can't see this situation changing anytime soon. I don't think there will really be anything to report until the first contest winner is announced next year.

But I think I have at least figured out the true purpose of this website. I have read on a couple of screenwriting forums that a lot of other writers seem to be doing the same as me - dusting off an old script to submit just in case, but not sacrificing a new one. For my part I feel like my script is off the list of ongoing projects in my head now. It's unavailable. I can't think 'oh I should definitely polish up that old horror script one day' or 'I wonder if anyone would be interested in that one now'. It belongs to them. I've buried it among the 1500 or so other dead projects on there.

Amazon Studios is where we send our old scripts to die.

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