Thursday, 28 April 2011

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At the moment there are loads of thing I want to blog about but don't really have time. I should really blog about why Jenny Ringo is taking so long, but am kind of hoping it will be finished before I have to. I have a couple of overdue bad scriptwriting experiences to get off my chest that I hope I can write in an amusing way (rather than coming off extremely bitter like I usually do). I have a note-book full of stuff about Italy. I would really like to blog about games more, particularly about why Vito Scaletta is one of the best video game characters ever created from a narrative perspective. I don't really have time for any of that right now, so instead this is a kind of 'I'm still here' plus 'Here are a couple of things I would mention at the end of a blog about something else' post.

It's MovieBar on Monday and Brother Pete has written about what we'll be showing here. Please come along if you're in Brighton and interested in seeing some awesome shorts and meeting cool filmmaking-type people - I could do with getting a good crowd for the next couple of events. Then there will be big changes and announcements and stuff. Also, if you're not Brighton-based but are interested in short films you should check out the website anyway as Rich Badley has been posting the details of past events along with the actual films themselves where available.

Also, Ross Boyask has started a blog about Warrioress, the fantasy/action film he has been working on for the last few years (which I did a bit of writing on). Check out the blog here - I imagine there will be some pretty interesting stories on the way!

I am spending the weekend writing about dead ninjas. If I get that finished then maybe I'll blog about some of that other stuff next week...

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