Saturday, 27 August 2011

It was a good week!

This is significant because it came off the back of a run of very very bad weeks. Here are three things what happened this week that made it a good week:

1) A script I wrote with Brother Pete was optioned this week and we were paid actual money! It's the second time I've been paid for writing this year, and the first time I've been paid for an option. I won't be quitting the day job anytime soon, and in fact I think will have spent most of it on celebrating getting paid by the end of the week, but it's a good start!

2) I just got back from seeing Jason Webley and Birdeatsbaby in Brighton. I've written about Birdeatsbaby before, they are really really good, you should check out their website and sign up to the mailing list and stuff. I can't believe they're not mega famous now, but when they are I will be one of those annoying people who talks about seeing them before they were mega famous in a frustratingly superior way. They've had a line-up change since I last saw them but they sound better than ever, and maybe even a bit punkier (which I'm not sure is an actual word) than before. Here's their new video:

Jason Webley is awesome. I first saw him supporting Amanda Palmer a few years ago and he was awesome then too. I would link to the blog post I wrote back then, but I just read it back and it's a bit rubbish so I won't. It's mostly me saying things are awesome, so you can see how far I've moved on from there. Anyway, this is going to sound really annoying but you do kind of need to see Jason Webley live to appreciate his awesomeness. He gets the audience involved through a mixture of being nice so you feel obliged to join as to not hurt his feelings and at the same time not giving you the chance to think about it. And by the end of the show you've got your arms around strangers and you're shouting at the top of your voice and every else is doing the same thing and it's brilliant and it's what all gigs should be like but very rarely are. It's hard to capture that on video, but here he is playing in a quarry:

3) Jenny Ringo and the Monkey's Paw is screening at MovieBar on Monday the 5th of September at the Caroline of Brunswick in Brighton. This didn't happen this week. I'm including it here because what did happen this week was that I met up with Darren who edited the film and we drank a lot and started making plans for another film. Kind of a sequel. But there's a problem with this plan. No one has seen the first film yet.

I started making Jenny Ringo over a year ago. I made it because I wanted to do something my own way. This screening was supposed to be the most important part of that, but because it took so long and I got involved with other things it became something I just had to finish and I kind of forgot about how much I wanted people to see it. And now I've remembered.

I will make the film available online eventually at which point I'll be bugging the world about watching it, but right now I'm only interested in bugging Brightonians and those nearby. Because we're only just finishing off the film and getting to this point has been quite hard work I don't have a trailer I can show you. You'll just have to take my word for it that you should see it. It's not perfect, I don't think I'm a great director, but I am a good writer and most of the people who worked on it were really good at what they did too so there's a lot that's really good. Also it's got magic. And monsters (at least one anyway). And a possibly ill-advised musical number. And I'll be doing a Q&A afterwards so you can watch me fumble awkwardly over fun questions like 'What was all that about then?'

You can find out more about it here along with details of the other films we're showing that night. You should totally come along. I'm probably not going to shut up about it until it's over.

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