Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Finally, a Jenny Ringo review!

So after giving away 200 copies of the film to randoms in the hope that a few of them might enjoy it enough to write a review online, our first proper review actually came from a friend I showed the film to the weekend before last. I was a bit concerned it hadn't gone down that well on the night, particularly as we started watching it at about 1 in the morning, right after we'd watched the rather awesome Kindred. Luckily it seems David rather enjoyed it! You can read the review here or here (it's about halfway down). I recommend checking out his reviews of the other films we watched that weekend as well as the Row Three and Blueprint Review websites in general. One thing I really like about David's reviews is that he always tries to say at least one positive thing about whatever he's reviewing, which is something all bloggers/critics should take note of.

Speaking of Jenny Ringo and the Monkey's Paw, the film is screening in Brighton as part of Cine-city on December 3rd after which I'm planning on releasing it online. However, in order to find out exactly how I'll be releasing it online you'll need to sign up to our mailing list over on the right, or at www.jennyringo.com

Also, if you have a blog/website and would like to review Jenny Ringo and the Monkey's Paw please e-mail me at whatwritesatmidnight[at]googlemail.com and I'll provide you with access to an online screener. You can be as honest as you like, I won't hate you if you write about how much you disliked the film, I promise! All feedback is good feedback at this stage as I'm currently working on the sequel.

Speaking of sequels, I will post a production diary about the new one soon, I've just been too busy actually working on it.

And speaking of short films, I helped out on Simon Messingham and Mark Tew's epic short House Trafalgar at the weekend. I don't want to say too much about it as I think the less you know in advance the better, but I do think it's going to be pretty awesome. Here's the teaser trailer:

Hopefully there will be a MovieBar screening of the finished film in the new year.

And speaking of MovieBar, last Monday we screened the rather disturbing music video for Birdeatsbaby's new single Feast of Hammers...

...which is worth mentioning becuase a) it's awesome, b) I posted a Q&A with the director over on the MovieBar website and c) the single was released yesterday, you can get it here.

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