Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jenny Ringo and the Cabaret from Hell...

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I feel like I should write a whole post about what it's been like spending the last year and a half on this film, but it's late and you could just as easily watch the trailer...

...or read one or all of the following reviews....










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@^+ said...


Nice to finally get to see the new Jenny Ringo and my zombified face in it (not much make-up required), and thought I'd briefly comment on the film, positives and negatives..

Again, I liked Rosie's performance here. She has energy and enthusiasm and helped to carry the film.
Story-wise, I didn't find it as engaging as the first film, felt a little too simplistic and neat.
Script could've done with punching up to make it funnier and with more natural-sounding dialogue.

Technically, the film moved between looking and sounding fun and snappy (liked the little gags like the cake-filled fridge, also the animated notebook and the bucket monster), to strangely flat and rushed. More foley might've helped, and more coverage generally.

The main problem for me, and an element that kinda wrecked it in my eyes, is Gavin. I know he's supposed to be irritating, needy, self-obsessed, and that Jenny is the only person who can put up with him and get him out of trouble, but here he strained credulity and I lost all sympathy for the character. He sucks the life out of the film and I kinda wanted him to be consumed by the bucket monster.
Quite why Jenny would risk her life (and sanity) to protect this moron is baffling.
They are supposedly friends yet he domineers her and seems to consistently make her life miserable.
I'd like to see a Jenny film without Gavin, he has no redeeming qualities and she's potentially interesting enough to go it alone...

Interested to see what direction the next film goes in anyway, good luck!

Chris Regan said...

Hi Ant,

Thanks for your feedback! I'd hoped Gavin would come off better in this one, and I've had feedback from some people saying they liked him a lot more this time around. The point of the character is that without him Jenny wouldn't really do anything. She much prefers to play it safe and it's him doing stupid things and getting them both into trouble that gets her out into the world and doing the stuff she's good at. I can see how the way he gets her to do stuff could come across as annoying, but I think the heart of story is really in their friendship, even if their relationship is a destructive one.

Third film is nearly done (it's much much shorter than the others) then I'm taking a break to write a Jenny Ringo feature.