Monday, 10 March 2008

Here's how it worked out...

I'm still working on Hit the Big Time and the filmmakers have agreed to giving me full writing credit as well as more control over the writing of the script. So it all worked out okay in the end! I spoke to JC (the producer and one of the lead actors) on Saturday and he understood where I was coming from and said he'd rather have me on the project. I've had a message from Helen the director since then as well confirming that everyone's happy with the situation. In some ways I think it may have been easier if I'd said my piece before agreeing to work on the feature, but then again I think the fact that I'd written the 10 page treatment for the feature and done a rewrite on it definitely worked in my favour. It's a lot of work - with Vicious Circle and Dark Future the number of scripts I need to finish before Cannes is now three, on top of the continuity script for Ten Dead Men. But Dark Future only needs a few tweaks to finish it and I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing with Vicious Circle. So my plan is to concentrate on Hit the Big Time and the 10DM continuity script first, then write Vicious Circle and finish off Dark Future in April. And maybe there'll even be enough time for second drafts. So I'm going to be very busy, and the peripheral projects such as my own scripts are going to have to be put on hold for a while, but I've written scripts in less time! The good thing is I'm excited and enthusiastic about all 3 scripts which will definitely help.

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