Thursday, 6 March 2008

Quick update…

Haven’t updated this for a while as my brother Pete was visiting last weekend. He was a finalist in a competition for E4 to design a new E-Sting (the bits of animation they play between programmes) so we went up to London to a big party where the results were announced. Pete didn’t win, which was really annoying as his was clearly better than a good majority of the others, but we had a good night and it was nice to see his name plastered all over the walls and big TVs in the Design Museum. And there was a nice moment earlier in the day when we saw a complete stranger watching his entry on a big screen and laughing in the right places. There was also lots of free food and booze so I was pretty happy! We spent most of the rest of the weekend watching films and discovered that Howard the Duck is not as bad as I remember it from seeing it as a kid but definitely much weirder.

While I haven’t managed to write much there have been a few developments on a couple of projects. I finally met up with Glenn on Saturday to discuss the final draft of Dark Future. Unfortunately I hadn’t had time to read the script beforehand so I’m not sure I mentioned everything I wanted to, but Glenn had some useful feedback so I’m confident I can get on with the next draft now. I don’t know whether the Dark Future trailer is going to Cannes this year or not, but I’m using Cannes as an overall deadline for everything at the moment. And it’s not that far away!

Not much Ten Dead Men news at present, although I did get a proof pdf of the spin-off comic which is fantastic. It’s turned out really well considering it was a bit of a rush-job on my part written at a time last year when I was busier than I’ve ever been. The script definitely would’ve benefited from another draft but for the most part it makes sense and should be a really strong prequel to the film. It features most of the major characters from the film and has some important story points such as how Ryan met Amy and how Axel saved his life. This will probably make no sense right now but it will once you’ve seen the film! Anyway, the comic will hopefully be going up on the Ten Dead Men website at some point so I’ll post a link when it does. Until then I've posted one page below and there are a couple of pages on the official blog here:

Other than that I’ve just been working on the Vicious Circle script which is coming along nicely. My main dilemma at the moment is whether to plan it out scene by scene to ensure a strong first draft, or to write a rough first draft based on what I’ve got so far and hope I have time to write a second. I’m leaning towards the latter although anyone who ever taught me scriptwriting would advise the former!

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