Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I actually finished the Hit the Big Time script last Thursday, but then went home to Stoke for a break. It came in at 119 pages in the end which isn't bad. I then worried about how bad it was and whether I'd be able to send it to JC and co. at all. Luckily Andrea read it while I was away and really liked it so I'm happy with it now. I always get this irrational fear on finishing a script that maybe it's not just bad, but that it could be horribly embarassingly bad and I'll be banned from writing or something if anyone ever reads it. So it's good to have someone read through it and tell me that's not the case! Now I'm just waiting for feedback from the producers.

I won't bother listing Charlton Heston films that you should watch (although my favourite is Touch of Evil) but I hope he's remembered more for his films than the NRA stuff.

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