Wednesday, 25 June 2008

2nd script difficulties...

I was feeling very pleased with myself for getting the first script done in two weeks, but this second one is proving to be a bit of a nightmare. I'm 60 pages in and still on target for the deadline on Monday, but it's nowhere near as good as I want it to be. Part of the problem has been moving straight onto another script straight after finishing one - I've been pretty much writing non-stop in the evenings and at weekends for three weeks now, plus a week writing treatments, so I'm pretty exhausted. The other problem is that it's a much more complex script and I don't think I've planned it well enough. Unfortunately the only way to get it done for the deadline is to skip over the parts that aren't working and hope I get a chance to rework them later. That said, there are some parts of this script I'm really happy with and I think if I rework the problem bits it could be the better of the two scripts - it's always a good sign when something's hard work.

I finally discussed the Hit the Big Time feature script in detail with JC so as soon as I'm done with these scripts I'll be straight onto rewriting that one. He also sent me a DVD of the Cannes trailer - basically a three minute trailer for the as yet unfinished short film. It's looking really good and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished short.

There are two Ten Dead Men screenings in July - one at Moviebar in Brighton on the 7th, the other as part of the Phantasma-goria festival in Swindon on the 13th, details on the following websites:

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