Friday, 13 June 2008

70 pages in...

Not much to report other than that! Things got a bit much this week. I decided to take on a third script from the slate of six to be finished by the end of the month, intending to pass it on to my brother Pete to work on. I ended up spending three evenings on the treatment. So I'm a day behind on my original deadline for the first completed script but hope I can push the draft through tonight and get it presentable over the weekend. Then onto the next one.

I was looking back through my blog the other day and noticed that my opening statement said something to the effect of 'not many other writers are doing this'. I hadn't done my research. Quite a lot of writers are doing this and all of them have been blogging about writing for a lot longer than I have! I will post a whole load of links when I get time, but my current favourite is Phillip Barron's consistently informative blog here:

I have also discovered and become addicted to Creative Screenwriting Magazine's podcasts which are really quite amazing considering they're free. My favourite so far is the interview with Dr. Uwe Boll who I have a lot more respect for having heard him explain his career choices. Not that I ever disliked him as much as the rest of the world seems to anyway - Heart of America was a great film and he deserves some respect for keeping Michael Pare in work. Anyway, check out the podcasts if you can.

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