Monday, 20 July 2009

Been writing...

Lack of proper updates is a good thing - I've been doing actual writing. Just finished the first draft of a new script which was pretty hard work. Have basically been coming in from work, writing until 1 or 2 in the morning, then doing it again the next day for two weeks solid (with a couple of nights off to go to the pub!). Last Saturday I wrote twenty pages during the day then decided to get some beers in, pull an all-nighter and finish the thing...I almost made it. Gave up at about 2 in the morning when I started missing the keys. Then said on Twitter that I'd written 98 pages when I'd only written 92, which shows I was also too drunk to read the page count at that point.

Anyway, tidied it up the next day and wrote the last few scenes - spookily it came to exactly 98 pages when it was done so maybe I was tweeting from the future!

Now getting feedback and hoping to do a second draft soon. Been cool to work on something new, but this balancing writing with the day job thing seems to get harder every time!


Christopher said...


I know how hard the other job thing is. Right now I am trying to finish as much of my 2nd book (3 planned) as I can before teaching starts back up for me.

I have the first book out to agents and think I might do another edit but am going to wait until work starts because revising is easier to do while working for me.

Back to work I go.

Chris Regan said...

Thanks, always good to hear from someone else doing the da job/writing balancing act!

Good luck with your book!