Monday, 6 July 2009

Ten Dead Men blog...

Over the year and a half I've been writing this blog I have occasionally directed readers to the official Ten Dead Men blog, usually when I've written something over there, or when exciting stuff has happened that I can't be bothered repeating. So just when it looks like the blog will no longer be updated (which is fair enough as there won't be that much news anymore) I thought I'd direct people there again. I presume the blog will stay as it is for the time being, and as a record of the process we went through to get the film made it's pretty exhaustive.

If you've bought the DVD then you probably already have more than enough information about the making of the film from the commentaries, making-of documentary and other bits. But if you did want to know more, or if you're not at all interested in the film but would like to know how a no-budget action film gets made it's worth checking out the blog. It covers the whole shooting period, from the announcement of the project and the first shoot in August 2006, right the way up to the DVD release this year. There are contributions from some of the people involved, and what does make it a bit different from the DVD extras is that it's a record of making the film at the time we were actually making it, before we knew how it would turn out or whether it would actually be finished.

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