Monday, 14 September 2009

Back from Devon...

I'm back from a week in Devon, having been away from both day job and writing. Other than Josh Olson having a moan not too much seems to have happened in the week I was away. I always expect to come back to an inbox overflowing with important e-mails, but after I'd deleted all the rubbish I was left with about three that were of any interest (probably because I'd told most people I'm working with that I was going away so I shouldn't really be surprised). And yet this is a good thing because I kind of left whilst in the middle of a number of projects which now need to be finished off.

Highlights of my holiday were:

a) the Gnome Reserve where you are made to wear Gnome hats before going in. Unfortunately this was the one day we forgot to take the camera with us so there are no pictures of me in a gnome hat or indeed any evidence that the place actually exists at all. Although the gnomes do have a website.

b) the little village of Taddiport (which was near the tiny village of Langtree where we were staying) had a lot of houses with very lifelike scarecrows standing outside their front doors. I didn't get close enough to see whether they were actually humans dressed up, but it was quite freaky, especially having seen the Japanese film Kakashi.

c) a spontaneous night out in the nearby village of Torrington where we had the obligatory chat with a random local and saw Telstar at the Plough Arts Centre which was awesome.

It was excellent to get away for a bit, and feels weird to be back into a routine even though it was only a week. I am looking forward to getting back into writing and will hopefully be finishing off a couple of long-running projects over the next few weeks.


Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Gnome reserve? I'm SO going there. :) And I will be taking photos!

Chris Regan said...

There is also Gnome Magic in Essex

I've been there too but it's a bit weird. The Gnome Reserve is definitely the one to go to.