Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The work/work balance...

So today at work I was reading something and started to criticise the motivations of the character and that I didn't really get where the story was going or how this part fitted in. I was on the verge of making notes to this effect when I realised that I was reading a work e-mail and not a script. The day job/writing balance has started to seriously tip towards the latter.

This is mostly on account of getting some paid work last week which then took up the whole of the bank holiday weekend. It's a rewrite/polish of an existing script and I can't really say much more than that at the moment, other than it's hard work but I'm enjoying it. On top of this I have two other scripts I'm working on at present and three projects lined up once those are finished. I am very much looking forward to going on holiday next week!

Meanwhile, there are potentially exciting things happening with two previously completed scripts that are in the casting/funding stages. Both are still a long way off production, but every week there seems to be a bit more news which at least means things are moving forward. Still no official announcement on either of them so I can't into details yet.

I went to Son of Moviebar last night which was excellent as always, partly because our team (Team Shakma, obviously) came first in the quiz, although I disappointed myself by not knowing that George Miller directed the best segment of the Twilight Zone Movie. The rest of the evening was dedicated to screening trailers, some for completed features, some for features to be and one for a feature that was tragically killed in a hard drive wiping accident. There's full rundown at the Son of Moviebar Facebook group with links to the trailers here.

Also, I've linked to it on the right but I don't think I've actually mentioned in a post that Luther Jones who co-organises the event has his own film making blog here which anyone seriously interested in no-budget film production should check out.

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Christopher said...

Working during the day and writing at night is leaving me completely knackered out.

I live for the weekend and holidays. Between rewriting and finishing up the 2nd book I am starting to feel like I have no down time.

Right well off I go. Need to write a query letter for the first book.