Thursday, 3 December 2009

So much to blog about...

...and so little time. I have a feeling I've opened like that a fair few times before. Anyway, here's a list of things I wanted to blog about but may not have time:

- Another awesome bad film weekend in Bristol. Luckily Dave reviewed each of the films in detail here. Although oddly I think my favourites were The Being and Black Cobra 3.

- Son of Moviebar on Tuesday was awesome as always. I've posted one of the best films of the night below.

- Two things everyone has already told you are good so there's no point me blogging about them:

1) Paranormal Activity which I think is the film of 2009 - certainly the best thing I've seen at the cinema and a strong contender for 'The Film I Get Most Defensive About When People Start to Criticise' (replacing The Dark Knight which held onto the title for just over a year!).

2) The Fall which sat on top of my TV for a month because I was convinced I'd hate it, but I loved it.

- The Bitter Ruin music video launch night which I've just come back from and was amazing, especially as Brother Pete showed his awesome video. But the video isn't on YouTube yet so I'll post about it properly over the weekend.

- What I've learnt about writing this month but don't have time to blog about (because I need to do actual writing):

1) If you get a paid assignment that involves some payment upfront, wait until you get paid before doing the work. Which now I type it sounds obvious. I may blog about the whole epic saga depending on how it works out.

2) You can't rely on actors to 'make the lines their own'. Again, typing this it seems obvious.

3) A script I thought was adequate is just that. And that's not a good thing.

4) Never draft a blog post about how everything's finished for the year and you can take a well-deserved month off writing. I did that, and now I'm super-busy.

5) There's a reason it takes most writers longer than two weeks of evenings to write a feature script.

- For anyone who made it through my epic Karloff post I am still intending to watch and review the only non-Karloff Wong film. I'm just not sure when.

Anyway, here's a short film Simon Messingham screened at Son of Moviebar on Tuesday. You should definitely watch it - it's awesome:

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