Wednesday, 10 March 2010

What I did on my stag weekend... best summarised by one of the survivors here.

Death Machines was my favourite, perhaps the most bizarre cinematic experience I've ever had. If you ever want to know how not to write a script, watch Death Machines. Do the opposite of everything they do in that film you'll probably write a half decent script. The standout scene was the one in which the bad guy goes to the office of brand new character #357 (there's at least one new character introduced in every scene) to blackmail him, then pulls a gun on him, then handcuffs him to a cabinet and leaves a bomb attached to a Buddha statue just out of reach in the most drawn out and confusing murder scene ever filmed. Pure awesomeness. Not to mention the scene in which one of the Death Machines befriends an old man in a diner, eats a burger very slowly, looks like he might be finding some redemption meaning the film gets close to some kind of character development, then goes back to being a plain old Death Machine again. And the shootout in the police station is ace - lots of jumping around for no reason. The police station gets trashed, half the police are killed but a couple of scenes later it appears as though no one touched the place. This is film-making at it's most awesome.

The trailer says it all.

And here is a photo of me vs. a giant stag beetle:


Joel said...

It was, as Mr Robert Vaughn said, fucking fantastic. And great write-up from Richard, totally agree on all points. Of course it'd all have been nothing without the great company. By the end we had all bonded from the horrors we had seen, like a troop in Vietnam.
I also like the reverse Death Machines idea. Life Machines?

Chris Regan said...

I had an excellent weekend, thanks to everyone who came!