Sunday, 1 August 2010

Short film diary - Week 13...

Can I call it Week 13? Is that bad luck? Should it be Week 12A or something? I'll risk it...

It's been an odd week. Last weekend we were in Birmingham for a party, which helped the readjustment to a normal life in which I'm not constantly making lists of things I need to do, getting up at absurd hours to start shooting on the seafront and forever worrying about cursed monkeys. Suddenly I have time to do stuff again, normal stuff like what real people do.

But I still can't get used to not doing any film-related activities at all, so ended up making a fan page on Facebook. If you haven't noticed the subtle link on the right, you can find it here. Tell all your friends about it.

I also spent a good few hours tyring to teach myself Photoshop so I could make a temporary poster until I get someone with mad skills to do a proper one. Here's the best I could come up with:

I was going for a kind of carnival sideshow thing, but with the least amount of effort or artistic ability possible.

It's also one of my favourite shots in the film, but one we probably won't be able to use.

This made me realise that I could make up for not being able to post photos of me, Andrea and Darren editing (well I could but they would not be very exciting) by posting stills from the film itself. Which would be great, but I only just thought of it and I only have a fraction of the footage on my computer. And that footage is from a scene we haven't started editing yet. This scene:

Editing has been going pretty well so far and we're about ten minutes into the rough cut, which should be just under halfway through the whole thing. There have been some really awkward bits, the most tricky being a panning shot around the inside of a circle of witches. We had to stitch two shots together then cut the whole thing down to about ten seconds, which took about three hours. Three hours editing. For about ten seconds of footage.

But otherwise, and I'm aware I'm tempting fate here, it has gone very well and we seem to have enough coverage to make all the scenes work the way I want them to. There are a few things I wish we'd picked up on when we were shooting. I think I mentioned in Week 8 that I was struggling to watch what the actors were doing as well as what the camera could see, and there are a few scenes where actually I should've been paying more attention to the actors - just small, occasional inconsistencies that would've been simple enough to sort out if I'd picked up on them at the time. Then there are the shots that could've been better but aren't because we ran out of time or light or some other factor outside our control - so far there haven't been too many of those.

Watching back what we've edited so far I'm really happy with how it's turned out and can't quite believe all the footage is there. I keep expecting to come across a scene that we forgot to film or had to cut for whatever reason, but other than a couple of pick-ups (the same couple of pick-ups I keep mentioning that we still haven't shot) it's pretty much all there.

It's still a long way off being finished - we'll need to fine tune the edit once the rough cut is complete and then there's the grading, sound and music to be done - but my tentative end of the year finish date looks very possible, and it might even be finished sooner.

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