Monday, 9 August 2010

Short Film Diary - Week 14...

So this week I was mostly drunk. Hence there's not really much to report. Although it was mostly film related drunkenness.

Tuesday was Son of Moviebar which was awesome as always and kind of turned into half a cast and crew reunion. I drank too much and then on Wednesday, our only editing day, the only thing I could really face editing was the outtakes and even that was a struggle. We got to ten minutes, which seems like a lot but it could've been a lot longer. Otherwise editing is going pretty well. We've been saving the complex scenes until last and there are ten of them left. While that's ten tricky, time consuming scenes it's still only ten scenes away from a finished rough cut. Which is how I convince myself we really very nearly finished.

Thursday was the wrap party where I drank some more...

Pretty much everyone involved with the film turned up which was ace. We showed the outtakes on my laptop so no one could really hear anything, but they went down well and it was cool to be able to show off some footage.

Most people I've worked with haven't really bothered with wrap parties once shooting is finished and it means you don't see anyone again until the first screening, which can be months and sometimes (hopefully not in this case) years later. The result of that is it highlights the stark contrast between shooting and editing, just in terms of the number of people involved and the working atmosphere. So it was fantastic to see everyone on Thursday and really served as a reminder of how many people put a lot of time and hard work into this film, which made me want to get it finished and make a good job of it even more.

Ironically, despite officially wrapping the production phase we then did some more filming today. I mentioned before that we had a few pick-up shots to do, we just never got around to filming them until now. We had much fewer people on set, just Darren, Andrea and myself, so it went pretty smoothly and only took a couple of hours.

We officially wrapped at 3.45pm on Sunday 8th August.

Thanks to everyone who signed up to the Facebook page (and if you haven't already it's here) although I'm starting to wonder whether it was a good idea to set it up so early in the process. I feel like now it's there I should post some interesting stuff, which I think is why a lot of film-makers on Facebook seem to post dozens of slightly different versions of the same trailer for their film. In an effort to avoid that I've posted a heavily-edited spoiler-free version of the outtakes on there so you can actually see some low-quality ungraded and overly-compressed (by me messing about) footage:

The first outtake is the very first thing we shot on the very first day of filming.
This week I hope to mostly be editing. I'll let you know how we get on.

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