Tuesday, 14 June 2011

All you need is a bloke with a sniper rifle...

So last week I was ill with a cold meaning I had two days off work to watch films. One of those films was The Losers, which I enjoyed and is better than The A-Team film. But it did occur to me that the only really essential member of the team was the bloke with the sniper rifle who doesn't say much. Pretty much every mission ends with him taking out the main target or saving everyone else or being generally awesome at the last minute. In fact, everything they accomplish in the film could've been achieved with the sniper dude and maybe one other guy to do some running around. Two guys could've done the work of the six characters they have in the film. Now I could use this as an example of poor characterisation in the script - funnily enough the character do all have their own story arcs and are generally quite well developed, they just forgot to give them any real purpose in the plot itself. Or I could try to argue that this was done on purpose, as a comment on over-population and rising unemployment resulting in jobs being created when they are not necessarily required. But I'll mostly likely just leave it at that...

I have been busy! I have been helping Brother Pete make a film with a puppet:

Not quite like that. He blogged about it briefly here and I'm sure he will provide further details soon.

I have also been helping to run the Brighton Filmmakers Coalition. If you are in Brighton and want to find out more we meet every Sunday at the Marwood in Brighton at 6pm. People come along and talk about what they're working on and what they need, all of which I found incredibly useful when I was making Jenny Ringo.

Speaking of Jenny Ringo, there's a rumour that the sound design/editing will be finished this weekend. I have heard such rumours before but hopefully this time they will turn out to be true.

Rich Badley has posted a rundown of the June MovieBar here. He kindly didn't mention the fact that the 'technical gremlins' were actually a result of Brother Pete and I getting sidetracked by using the projector to play Resident Evil 5 on a massive screen, instead of testing the films like we were supposed to be doing. Oops.

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