Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Jenny Ringo and the Monkey's Paw SCREENING!!!

So the short film I made last summer that I was blogging about every week until it dropped into post-production hell; the film that took just over a month to shoot and nearly a year to edit, add music and sort out the sound; the film based on a character I've been writing about since I was at university; the film that was my shot at making a script my way; the film produced by my wife and made with the help of some of my best friends; THAT FILM...will be screening on Monday 1st August at MovieBar.

If you've forgotten about it already then there are a few months worth of production diaries here.

Does this mean that it is finally finished? The wait is over? People will actually get to see a completed version of the film? Surely if there's an actual screening and I'm making a big deal about it then it would be logical to assume that the film is finished. Well...not exactly.

Last Friday I saw the film with it's current sound edit and to me it sounded about 70% finished. Apparently it is not quite 70% finished but more like 50% finished, but it is definitely closer to being finished than it has been. I have been assured that it will be done in time. I have been assured I won't look like an idiot if I announce it all over the internet because it's definitely going to be ready for the screening in August. So here I am, announcing it all over the internet. Well, mostly here and on the MovieBar page.

If you are in Brighton on the 1st of August please do come along to MovieBar at its new home in the Caroline of Brunswick. I will be there to interview myself about the film and we're showing lots of other cool films too - you can see the full line-up here.

If you can't make it watch this space - there will be more screenings and eventually everyone will be able to see it somehow...


Mark Moynihan said...

can't wait

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