Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Short Film Diary - Week ???

I've lost count. I could go back and work it out but I've had a few drinks so I'm not sure it would be entirely accurate. I'll try to keep this brief.

Wednesday I went round to editor Darren's place to watch the finished version of the film and pick up a DVD copy. We went to the pub while his Mac was doing magic Mac things to get the film onto a DVD. We came second to last in a pub quiz. And when we got back the magic Mac things hadn't worked. I started to wonder if there was some curse preventing me from ever actually screening the film.

Saturday I tried again and this time came away with a copy of the film.

Saturday evening Andrea and I watched the finished film on a TV for the first time. I really couldn't tell  whether it was any good or not but it was at least finished. Apart from a handful of glitches but for the sake of it being finished I'll take the hit on those.

And I just got back from screening it at MovieBar where it played to a packed room and was very well received. Surprisingly well, actually. I was a bit concerned as we were running late and it's quite a long film but everyone seemed to really enjoy it. The gags got lots of laughs, the serious bits were taken seriously, and the feedback I got afterwards was really positive.

I then did a rambling Q&A in which I tried to cover everything from the origin of the character back when I was in university up to seeing the finished film on Saturday. Luckily I had a lot of help from the various crew members who came along and from friend and fellow filmmaker Ross who did the Q part.

One thing I forgot to do was thank everyone involved. So thank you, everyone involved. We made an awesome film and I couldn't have done it without you.

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do next. At one stage I had a plan to pitch it as a TV series. I also had a plan to use the internet and my fellow bloggers to build an audience. Somewhere along the way I had a plan to use the film to help me get an agent. Recently I had a plan to make another short with the same characters. I had a lot of plans, but they all seemed a long way off. Suddenly they're not so far away and I kind of need to start doing something about them.

So please check back for more updates. I'll be posting details of how you can see the film once I've figured that part out, and once we get to work on the next short I'll start up the regular film diaries again...

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Mark Moynihan said...


Congrats man, gutted I couldn't get down to seeing it, looking forward to checking it out in whatever format it goes out to the world at large in.

Well done man, just getting something like that done is a hell of an achievement