Saturday, 10 December 2011

Jenny Ringo Review Round-up!

Over the last few weeks a number of horror/film bloggers have been kind enough to watch my short film Jenny Ringo and the Monkey's Paw and write about it on their blogs. It's been useful to get some unbiased feedback on the film and to find out what works and what doesn't, and it's certainly given me a few things to think about for the next one. For the most part the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive which is a huge relief. 

By the way, if you want to see the film you can do so by signing up to the mailing list at

You should get an e-mail asking you to confirm and when you click the link in that e-mail you will be directed to a confirmation page which has a link to the film and the password required to view it. Signing up just means that we'll send you an update every month or so with news about the sequel, but you can unsubscribe anytime you want.

If you do watch the film please feel free to post your comments or write a review as I'm still very keen on getting feedback and trying to get more people to see it. There's a facebook page, an imdb page or you can leave me a comment on one of the posts here. And if you have any problems watching the film or would like to contact me directly please e-mail whatwritesatmidnight[at]

So here's a list of all the reviews that have appeared online so far. Thanks very much to everyone who wrote about it:

These last two feature extra ramblings from me...


Jenny Krueger said...

Hey! I am so sorry I haven't been able to get back to you till now. How am I able to view your movie? If you're still up for it, I am more then happy to write a review for your movie.

Chris Regan said...

Hi Jenny, I've e-mailed you a link to the film. Hope you enjoy it!