Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Trip to the Fishing Museum and Other Stories...

Too busy to do a proper blog but here is some stuff what has happened with some soon to be relevant music (click play below)...
Following on from my last post Julia totally smashed her target on Kickstarter! I'm really happy for her and excited about the film - it's going to be awesome. Also I think the fact that she set her sights so high and still made it gives the rest of us creative-types a bit of hope for the future.

And she got an extra boost when Mr. Amanda Palmer (aka Neil Gaiman) tweeted a link to her page, which is awesome and makes their domination of the crowd-funding universe seem a little more acceptable.

Jenny Ringo and the Cabaret from Hell is still keeping me busy, hence I haven't really had time to write a proper blog about it recently. Last weekend Ross and I polished up the edit and cut two and a half minutes out which has improved it no end (mostly thanks to some awesome notes from Dr. Geraint D'Arcy, which is further proof that if in doubt you should always refer back to the writer). There's one more change to put in but we can't really do that until we're further along with the sound so for now we have an almost final cut and I'm really happy with it.

A couple of weekends ago I met with a sound designer, Ben Brockett, who also happens to be in an awesome band The Galleons (whom you should now have been listening to). You should definitely buy their album because it's awesome. I also have a composer and mixer ready to go and my next plan is to actually sort out recording the additional dialogue. So despite the lack of updates, it's going really well.

Speaking of bands, Hollywood Assassins are playing at the Prince Albert in Brighton on June 22nd. They are also awesome and feature heavily in Jenny Ringo and the Cabaret from Hell.

MovieBar, the short film night I run in Brighton, is still going really well and don't forget that even if you're not based anywhere near enough to come along you can still see some of the short films we've screened on our website.

In other news my love affair with my Xbox may be over after my Assassin's Creed: Revelations save file got somehow corrupted meaning I would have to start from the beginning again. I was 93% into the game. As my wife pointed out, that doesn't happen with books.

Or films, so I watched some stuff...

I saw Prometheus which I thought was ace apart from a dodgy pacing issue between the 2nd and 3rd Act. I actually would have preferred it to have been twenty minutes longer - how often do you find yourself saying that about a two hour film? I thought it had good monsters, the performances were uniformly awesome and it was a bit arthouse - kind of like Solaris only a hundred times more expensive and with monsters. Philip French liked it too.

Then I saw Kill List which was similar in that it too had some pacing issues, was mostly an arthouse horror film (if I had to choose a favourite genre it would definitely be arthouse-horror) and had one of the best shock endings ever.

I've also started work on a new project with Brother Pete which involved visiting Brighton Fishing Museum on our lunchbreak for research. It doesn't have anything to do with fishing (I mean our project doesn't have anything to do with fishing, not the Fishing Museum which has quite a lot to do with fishing as you would expect).

Also, I should probably say something about Ray Bradbury dying. He was definitely up there with my favourites, as I'm sure he was for most people. A Sound of Thunder is the best time travel story ever written (you can read it here) but my favourite Bradbury story was always The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl in which a murderer goes on an obsessive cleaning spree. It's like The Tell-Tale Heart, but with dusting. I'm probably not selling it very well - it's just really good and you should definitely check it out.

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