Thursday, 23 April 2009


So the reason I had one less evening to get the competition script finished was that I went to see Birdeatsbaby last night - a Brighton band who sent me one of those messages on myspace that I usually ignore. But I decided to take a chance on this one and it was ace - one of the best gigs I've been to this year. Their music is somewhere between Amanda Palmer and Rasputina, a kind of dark rock cabaret which the more I try to explain the more likely I am to show how little I really know about music so you'd be better off just watching their video:

Birdeatsbaby - The Trouble from Philippa Bloomfield on Vimeo.

See? Awesome. There are details of their upcoming shows and soon-to-be-released album on their
website where you can also buy their rather excellent EP (you can also get it from iTunes).

There were also excellent support acts in the form of Trousseaux and Gentleman Starkey - go check out their websites too. All in all it was a rather awesome night. I drank too much and then me and Brother Pete came up with an idea for a short film possibly involving puppets. Here we are plotting by candlelight:

This is also my last chance to mention the screening of Ten Dead Men in Worthing on Monday 27th. Despite my extensive Facebook/Myspace PR campaign at the weekend I'm pretty sure there are still tickets and the details are here if you want to come along.

Anyway, going to Birmingham tomorrow which means tonight is my last chance to finish the short script for the competition so I'll blog about how that went when I get back. And then I've got a feeling I'm going to get very busy.


Mishkin said...


Just read your blog - very glad you took a chance on our band and the enjoyed the night! I saw you and your friend and wondered if you were with Trousseaux or Gentleman Starkey.
Our album launch party is on the 30th May at the Marlborough Theatre if you're free, would love to chat to you this time!
Love & Feathers,

Mishkin x

Chris Regan said...

No, we were genuine randoms! Should be able to make it to the launch party and I'm looking forward to the album.