Saturday, 19 January 2008

2007 wasn't bad...

Here are the film-related highlights of last year:

1) The evening class at the Brighton Film School. There were good things about it and bad things about it, but I did make some good friends and get a short film made which you can see here:

2) I made another short with film school friends. It’s from an old 15 minute script that I compressed to 3 minutes, filmed in one night and then spent about 6 months editing. Here is the result:

3) The highlight of last year and my career to date didn’t happen until December. The producer and director of Ten Dead Men managed to get Hellraiser star Doug Bradley to play the narrator of the film, and I got to be there when he recorded the dialogue. It’s amazing because I’m a huge Hellraiser fan and it’s one of the films that made me want to start writing in the first place. More importantly, he did a fantastic job and I can’t think of anyone more perfectly suited to the role.

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