Thursday, 24 January 2008

Zombies and LA

Spoke to Glenn tonight, director of Dark Future, the zombie project I'm working on. We had to postpone another meeting but the good news is he's finally going to be able to start editing the trailer next week. We filmed the footage for the trailer months ago (so long ago I forget which month...August/September?) but there were a few delays in getting the footage - far too long a story to go into here. It shouldn't take too long to edit although with the effects shots that need working on and music to be done after that it's probably about a month off being finished, but the main thing is I'll finally get to see it. And then we just need to finalise the script. I did read through the script quickly last night though and I don't think it's too far off.

The other exciting news is that I got an e-mail from JC Mac - the actor who plays Parker in Ten Dead Men. It was JC who got me on board the spin-off short Hit the Big Time which follows a variation of the Parker and Garrett characters as they take a job in LA. When JC initially said he wanted to set it in LA and he'd been talking to a producer out there who wanted to work on it I have to admit I wasn't completely convinced. I wrote it anyway and didn't hold back when it came to locations or characters - in the end I was really happy with the script but I wasn't sure it would ever be filmed as it was written. But today I was happily proven wrong. The LA portion of the shoot is finished and apparently went really well! The photo below is from the shoot. There are a couple of scenes to shoot in the UK but then it's finished which means it wins the award for 'project I've worked on with the fastest turnaround to date'. Then the short will be taken to Cannes to try to raise money for the feature, which is a bit of a problem as I haven't started writing it yet! But knowing how much everyone working on the project has already achieved has definitely boosted my confidence in it so I'm hoping to get a treatment for the feature done in the next week or so - now I just need some ideas!

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