Saturday, 19 January 2008

Mild-mannered office worker by day...

I’ve been meaning to set up a blog for ages but kept putting it off and now find myself having to skip past a lot of stuff that is probably quite interesting. But as it happened ages ago I can’t really go into it now and write about it like it was yesterday. If anyone is interested in the work that got me here a good place to start would be the as of right now still standing Night Warrior website at Following that how I ended up working on my first feature is well documented in the production diaries at

Which should bring you up to date. My first feature as a writer is currently in the latter stages of post-production and will be screened in Brighton in April this year, and will hopefully get a DVD release by the end of 2008. I am now frantically trying to decide what I’m going to do next! Which is what this is all about – rather than actually do any writing I’m going to write about thinking about writing and therefore kill some time whilst simulataneously wasting someone elses.

And partly I've been inspired by James Moran, writer of the excellent Severance and of the best writing blog on the net at

The real reason I’m doing this is because aside from Mr. Moran, no one ever really talks about writing at this level – one day they were working in some sort of trendy retail establishment vaguely related to their career, the next day they are international megastars. What happened in between? Usually they networked at parties. Not that I’m due to become an international megastar or have any idea what networking really involves, but whatever happens I’ll record it here and it will give me something to do on my lunch break at work. Enjoy.

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