Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Moviebar Screening

Last night was the 3rd public screening of Ten Dead Men (and the 2nd I’ve been to) as part of monthly short film showcase Moviebar at the Cornerstone pub in Brighton. I was a bit worried about this one at first – being in a pub I figured everyone would just be chatting all the way through and there would be random people walking in and out all through the film. Much to my relief it was a huge success. Just the right amount of people turned up which was great – I was thinking it could go either way, and that there would either be three people or three hundred. Instead there was just enough to fill the pub without anyone having to stand. There were a lot of familiar faces there which made things easier and the majority of them hadn’t made it to the Odeon screening so were seeing it for the first time. There were a couple of randoms in the audience, including one drunk old man who walked in halfway through then left soon after muttering ‘It’s absolute rubbish!’ – can’t please everyone!

Luckily everyone else in the room seemed to really enjoy it. We started late, around 9 o’clock, so everyone had been drinking for a while, but as soon as the film started the whole place quietened down and everyone just concentrated on watching the film. The only person really making any noise was me creeping up to the bar to get more drinks in preparation for the Q&A afterwards. I managed not to drink so much to make a complete fool of myself, although I’m not sure what I did say was that coherent – luckily Ross did most of the talking! It was good practice for Swindon next weekend though.

After the screening a few people stayed around to chat about the film and we got some great feedback. We got some criticism too but that was actually quite refreshing, although I need to start working on better responses than ‘we had no money’ and ‘there wasn’t enough time to get that bit right’. But overall the feedback was positive and it was nice talking to other film-makers about the film as they really understand how hard it is putting something like this together. So all in all a huge success, which makes me even more excited about the screening next weekend.

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