Monday, 28 July 2008

Shiny new workspace!

So I go through that whole rant about Geraint's blog last week going on about how he's a proper writer and stuff and completely forgot to plug his books!

There is a story of his in the rather special looking Barren Worlds anthology:

And you can get his very cool book of poetry here:

Anyway, I'm finally settled into our new flat and filled it full of junk. It's only really taken just over a week to move in (although to be fair Andrea sorted out most of it before we'd even started) but it seems like months. No broadband yet but I have found my good old dial-up modem so am able to update this from home for a change rather than work. As cool as the flat is, we have annoying downstairs neighbours, in than they get annoyed very easily and complained about us hammering at 8.30pm. I know that’s late, but they literally complained as soon as we started and in my experience it helps to have a bit of tolerance when you get new neighbours. I have spent far too much energy ranting about that in the real world so I’ll stop there. The flat is otherwise okay – the building is a bit Rosemary’s Baby and has one of those old lifts where you pull a gate across which is cool.

Tonight is the first night in over a week I’ve been able to sit down and do proper writing, putting the final touches to the script I wrote with my brother, and I have the photos to prove it. Rather than just taking an anonymous photo of my new workspace Andrea offered to take one for me. Fifteen photos later I still wasn’t really happy with the results and I’m starting to wonder if I’m too self-conscious for anything other than regular writing bloggery. I was worrying about anyone actually listening to the radio show last week and was horrified to discover my parents had listened to it, desperately trying to remember if I said anything inappropriate which I probably did. Anyway, enough about that, here is me at my new workspace:

Not much to report writing-wise – lots to do this week but mainly finishing off old projects. I set myself a deadline of the end of July to finish Hit the Big Time draft 2 but it’s likely to be the weekend now. I really, badly want to start work on my own scripts this month but with another feature to write in August and the holiday in September it looks like that’s going to have to wait a while.

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Andrea said...

You make me sound terribly efficient. If only it were true!