Thursday, 17 July 2008

Moving and stuff...

Have been a bit slack this week due to preparing for moving flats this coming weekend. Not that I've actually done much preparing, but thinking about it takes up a lot of energy. Also went to see Chris Cook's recut Penalty King on Tuesday, drank far too much, stayed out far too late talking about films, and was then far too tired the following night to do anything useful. Also spent a good few hours writing up imdb comments for some of the films I saw Phantasmagoria hoping that some of the other filmmakers would do the same for our film. They haven't. In fact the only imdb review is a reprint of the review that appeared in Combat - yes, the one that credited the producer and director with writing the script. So if you're reading this and have seen the film please consider posting a comment on imdb as we could do with a couple more. Then again, I suppose we'll be inundated with comments once the film is released on DVD, and probably not very nice ones either.

Speaking of Phantasmagoria, there is a brief article on the festival that appeared on Swindon Web here:

Which includes a photo of me on stage which I've nicked:

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