Saturday, 23 August 2008

Mail Order Zombie...

The excellent zombie podcast Mail Order Zombie read out my rather lengthy rant about the genius of I, Zombie in Episode 30 so I feel they deserve a recommendation here - especially since I threw in a cheeky plug for Ten Dead Men. It's a very well produced show and Brother D has a nice approach to reviewing low-budget films, being honest about the negative aspects but always making sure to draw attention to the positives. Definitely worth a listen, and it's entertaining whether you're a zombie fan or not.

Speaking of podcasts, iTunes put mine up on the store despite only having one episode, no episode information and bad sound quality. Now I feel under pressure to do another one!

It's been a busy week - Wednesday I went to see Brighton Wok at Hove Cinema Club. It was cool seeing another low-budget Brighton-based martial arts action film, and this one definitely made more of the Brighton location than we did. It also had fantastic production values - amazing what fitting a zoom lens to a DV camera and an hour in a helicopter can do for the look of a film. As a film it could've done with a tighter script but it's amazing achievement considering how young the filmmakers are. You can find out more here:

Thursday I met up with a director/producer I know to exchange feedback on scripts - really productive although one of my scripts I thought was near final draft quality may be a bit further off completion than I want it to be.

Am in the process of getting feedback on a number of scripts I wrote this year which has been an interesting process. Usually I just give them to one person at a time, but this time I've send the scripts out to a fair few people in the hope of getting an overall picture of what I need to work on. The results so far have been really interesting, but once again I seem to be dividing my audience - a problem I've had ever since I started writing. There's a lot more feedback to come in so more on that later.

There will also be another Ten Dead Men screening in Brighton soon, probably in October. More on that when I get the dates.

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Saul said...

Thanks for coming down to the Brighton Wok screening! Glad you enjoyed the film.

I'm really looking forward to the next 10 Dead Men showing...