Wednesday, 27 August 2008

On the verge of a week off...

So August was supposed to be one last push to clear my slate before my two weeks of holiday next month (during which I'll be visiting Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Bristol and New York, in that order). It didn't really work out that way. One of the points of doing the blog was that it would encourage me to write so I'd have things to put on here. Instead I'm aware that I now have no reservations about blogging about doing nothing. If you, dear reader, could perhaps leave me the occasional comment telling me off for not working hard enough that might help. Maybe for like a week, then I'd probably start blogging about that too.

I feel I have achieved something with my two podcast episodes and will try for a third to make it a trilogy. My aim was always to do three first off just to establish it then look back and decide whether it's a worthwhile pursuit. It certainly kills time, but actually it's time I'd usually spend staring at a blank page or browsing the internet so I don't think it's really had an effect on how much (or how little) writing I've done this month. Anyway, in true Lucas style if I make it to the trilogy I'll consider not doing another for 20 years or so, release a few special editions of the 3 current episodes, then finally get around to doing new ones that will be better produced but with terrible scripts. Or something.

Speaking of which, the second episode is available to download in the previous post. I'd suggest getting it direct from the blog as people seem to be having problems downloading it from iTunes, me included. Although my PC says it doesn't like it when the episode has downloaded in iTunes but then it plays fine. Who knows what's going on - I certainly don't have the time or the technical knowledge to work out the whole iTunes podcasting thing right now, but if I do continue the podcast I may try and work out the kinks at a later date.

There is some news - it's not all about doing nothing! There's an excellent write-up of the Phantasmagoria festival (which includes a rather complimentary paragraph about Ten Dead Men) in Impact magazine written by Andrew Skeates (who also writes the
Cool Target: Action Movie Reviews blog which you can get to via the link on this site). Impact is usually available in Borders.

So I'm away next week doing the rounds of the various families up north, then back for two weeks when I really will have to try and get some writing done before heading off again.

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