Tuesday, 5 August 2008

More links...

Knew I'd miss some stuff, like all the Ten Dead Men links! Have now added these, plus a link to my YouTube channel where there are three of my short films (please comment on these if you get time because so far no one has!) and a link to Night Warrior - the online comic I used to write for (sadly only two arc issues and one short made it onto the site - I wrote at least a dozen more that were never finished).

There are also links to the two film websites I used to write for, Close-up and 6 Degrees, and a few more blogs. Finally I've also added a link to my brother Pete's YouTube channel where there is lots of cool stuff, especially Jonny the Pessimist, and there's a link to the Modern Life? YouTube channel which has lots of making-of videos for Ten Dead Men, most of which Pete edited.

Lots to keep you busy if you're bored at work!

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