Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Rewriting something good...

First off, Doug Bradley mentions Ten Dead Men in an interview for Fangoria here.

My plans to not write anything until after Christmas went out the window fairly quickly, but for good and potentially exciting reasons. This leaves me in the odd position of having to rewrite a script that a lot of people really liked. Unlike The Dark Room which so far has been generally liked but some rather large issues have been flagged, the feedback on the script I'm working on now was divided between people who really liked it and people who generally liked it but thought some parts needed more work. This is good - I know which parts need work at least. What's difficult is amending those bits without changing anything the other people really liked. For example, everyone agreed the pacing is good throughout, which is great but as most of the proposed amendments involve adding rather than taking away the pacing could be in jeopardy. Bit of a balancing act - I guess I'm just worried about ruining it.

Not much time to worry though as it needs to be done by Christmas, which as my blog countdown keeps reminding me is actually not that far away.

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