Sunday, 21 December 2008

Xmas Blog Countdown Day 21

Went on a family outing to the garden centre in Stafford to look at Christmas stuff. This is what we saw:

Brother Pete touched the glass as instructed but nothing happened:

This scary House of Death was among the more terrifying of the festive displays:

Here is a festive Jedi:

Here is Santa with an evil spinning monkey:
Here is Santa on his motorbike:
Here is Santa with a radioactive face:
Here is a dancing Santa which is strangely creepy without sound. The change in light occurs when I told Brother Pete to stand next to me to hide the fact that I was filming the products in the garden centre, in case they took me for a spy from a rival garden centre and had me killed:
The garden centre also had fish. Which are not festive, but here is a video of them anyway including a monster fish which you can see in the back if you look closely:

My camera doesn't record sound, which makes this video a bit daft, but imagine the video below with three of us asking 'are we nearly there yet?' for an hour and you will get an accurate depiction of the journey:

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Ross said...

The Festive Jedi looks incredible Team America to me.