Friday, 19 December 2008

Xmas Blog Countdown Day 19

Here is the family cat, William (named after star of Greatest American Hero and House William Katt):

Here is a close-up of William after I realised that although he is scared of most things he is apparently not scared of cameras:

Here is William's pyramid where he stores his toys. On the right you can see the toy he took out specially for the season:

Yes, it is a Christmas tree - a few days ago William went through his toys and took out the Christmas tree for display purposes, proof that cats enjoy Christmas.

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MsBoku said...

Your cat is cute. I was going to do the same thing with my cats name. Oh btw if you are a fan of the show, William Katt and started up his own comic book company.
One of the comics just released on the 17th was the Greatest American Hero!
If you or anyone want's to get a book , get them quick! they are going like hotcakes!