Saturday, 23 May 2009

Cannes Day 1

I'm going to post these one at a time over the course of the next few days to break it up a bit, interspersed with Ten Dead Men news - I think I may have mentioned that it's released in the UK on Monday? There were ads on TV last night which should be playing all weekend.

Anyway, I managed to keep a diary the whole time I was in Cannes so this is a transcription of that diary. The first couple of entries are really quite dull, but I promise it gets better.

Just a quick summary of the characters - we were staying with the staff of the Stealth Media Group who had sorted out our accommodation and stuff so any reference to Stealth people is referring to them, not random French ninjas. I was also staying with Ten Dead Men director Ross Boyask and organiser of the Phantasmagoria film festival Justin Richards, so any reference to 'we' is probably referring to them and not my multiple personalities.

15/05/09 01:00AM

Arrived late last night into Nice airport. Waited for the rest of the Stealth team then realised they were coming into another terminal so got a bus. Met the others then took a taxi from Nice to Cannes. I'm happy that my phone works but wary of over-using it. I keep writing a tentative tweet then deleting it for fear of sounding like an arse. 'Arrived in Cannes - super excited!!!' or something - I can put myself in the place of someone reading that and thinking 'What an arse!' Anyway, it works so I can stay in touch with Andrea and text celebrity sightings to mum.

Also, I'm strangely not super-excited yet. I still have no idea what it's going to be like and it kind of feels like going on holiday at the moment. The apartment we're staying in is really nice - huge too. We went for a walk in search of a shop and bought supplies. So far the only French I've used is 'Merci' which seemed to work. Am now waiting for everyone to go to bed as I feel tomorrow may be a bit mad.


Paul McIntyre said...

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It's a romantic comedy, right?

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Chris Regan said...

Thanks for supporting the film - hope you enjoy it!

Please let me know what you think - either on here or by e-mail.

And yeah, definitely a romantic comedy!

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