Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Day They Tore The Dark Room Down - Part 1 of 3

Just to make things extra confusing with the Cannes diary and the Ten Dead Men release and everything else, I finally finished a short story I've been writing since January and have posted the first part in it's own special blog. It is finished - this isn't one of those things where I post the first part and never finish it - I'm just breaking it up so people can read it in chunks as it's rather long.

I'll provide a full explanation at some point, probably when I've posted the whole thing. All you need to know for now is that it's a spin off from a script I wrote and the first ten pages of that script have also been posted on the blog. Might be worth reading that first just to get an idea of the characters and stuff.

I've disabled the comments on that blog but feel free to comment here or send me an e-mail if you feel inclined to do so. And I've set up a mailing list to notify people of new stories, which seems to work okay.

For now you can read part one of The Day They Tore The Dark Room Down here.


Anonymous said...


You get two more aces for each other part.

Here's an advance:


[ Like the quote too took me a while to spot it ;) ]

Chris Regan said...

Cool, thanks for reading it. I will credit you properly for the quote, but I wanted to see if you noticed first!

Anonymous said...

Need no credit, obscure references are what we live for!!!!!!!

"What is it with you and dinosaur land?"