Friday, 29 May 2009

Checking in...

So the Ten Dead Men DVD release has been going really well. Thanks for all the lovely messages - I appreciate the support and hope the film lives up to expectations! The big news is we're currently No. 8 in the Asda DVD chart. See, I took a screen print to prove it in case it didn't last, but it hasn't changed yet:

I haven't had any feedback on the film or the DVD yet, although personally I'm really impressed with the presentation and the special features that have been included. We have had one imdb review since the release and although the rating isn't great it's a balanced and quite fair review that points out the good as well as the bad. This supports my theory that people are more likely to take the time to review a film fairly when they've paid money to see it.

Had a busy week and as such not really caught up with real life following Cannes and the DVD release. I will finish writing up my Cannes diary, but thought I'd just check in briefly for now as it's kind of low on my list of priorities at the moment. I'm mainly busy with fun stuff rather than work - went to see Andrew Collins and Richard Herring record their podcast live at the Duke of York's cinema in Brighton last night. That was a lot of fun and having never met anyone who listens to the podcast before it was nice to be sitting in a packed out cinema full of fans. Going to see Star Trek tonight as me and Brother Pete are the only people in the whole world who haven't seen it yet, and then going to a gig tomorrow - so this not having any time to do any work is kind of self-inflicted at the moment.

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