Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Random post with videos...

I'll finish the Cannes diary and post the final part of the short story soon, but I've hit a kind of meltdown this week - a consequence of working on too many different writing projects combined with studying for an exam at work and trying to plan a wedding all at the same time - so thought I'd just post some videos for now instead.

First off a video my dad's friend put together for one of their old songs. I now can't get it out of my head. There's a full explanation here:

Screaming Till The Sun Goes Down (2nd thought mix) from Extra Familiar on Vimeo.

Speaking of dad, I never did post his 'Year in the Life of a Poundland Buddha Head' video (check out the website for an explanation):

Also, I finally saw The Signal last night which I really enjoyed. It didn't work on every level for me and I'm not sure the 2nd & 3rd acts live up to the promise of the outstanding 1st act, but it's still an awesome sci-fi/horror with a nice Carpenter/Romero vibe. It also manages to be quite funny at times:

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Christopher said...

I know about melt downs. Take a breath and don't let the stress get to you.