Saturday, 3 October 2009

Cannes Day 7

The last two entries are pretty short so thought I'd get them done...

21/05/09 - 02.50AM

Had a more positive today. A meeting I wasn't in but that did concern some of my projects apparently went very well. Also one of my original pitches got a lot of interest which is good news. Just hope we get to follow it up later.

Saw Edgar Allen Poe's Ligeia in the morning:

It had a great cast and looked promising but the script was a bit of a mess. After that we had a wander, and spotted Jean-Claude Van Damme (managed to get into his office a second time with a different friend under a different pretense). Had lunch then went to a screening of 31 North 62 East:

There were some major script problems here again (this goes back to what I was saying about privately funded films - there is this idea that anyone can write a script so mostly the writer/director/producer will do it themselves and it shows) but a few poeple I know worked on the film so it was good to see it.

Had dinner (I don't know why I didn't mention this in the diary, but while we were having dinner there was a fight outside the restaurant between two Frenchmen which culminated in one of them throwing a baguette at the other) then realised we didn't have invitations for any of the remaining films we wanted to see so wandered between screening rooms until someone let us in. Ended up seeing Soldiers of Peace:

It was a pretty good documentary and featured a segment shot in Brighton, which was a surreal reminder of home.

After that we went for drinks and bumped into a few friends. I had a long conversation with a German film-maker about the films of Werner Herzog, then we headed off in search of late night ice-cream.

I think at this point I'd started to give up on the diary as I was thinking about going home. But that last night was a pretty good one and I managed to chat to and say goodbye to most of the people I'd met while I was there. Plus it's the only time I remembered to get an actual photo taken:

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