Friday, 9 October 2009

Good Journey...

I've noticed a lot of my recent blog posts have been tinged with bitterness, mainly due to writing-related things I can't really talk about here. I did at one point draft an epic post about the things that really bugged me about writing, and specifically writing for other people, but decided not to post it in the end. The process of writing it all down had really helped and I didn't feel so angry about it all afterwards.

To be honest things are going pretty well at the moment. I've had a couple of frustrating experiences that have taken up a lot of time unnecessarily, and I've got more to work on than I can possibly do. But as a result I've learnt to stop saying 'yes' to everything in the fear that it might be the next indie hit, and I've come to accept that I'm just not going to finish everything before the end of the year and that this is okay.

Still, to offset the bad vibes here are a few things that have cheered me up this week.

- The fact that the literal translation of the Japanese cover of Ten Dead Men is Machine Gun Punisher.

- Playing Yakuza 2 in which you are part of a world where all problems, no matter how complex, are eventually solved by hitting someone. However, it has made me never want to go to Japan as it seems you can't walk anywhere without someone saying 'I don't like your face' or 'Who do you think you are walking around like that' and then attacking you.

- The following line from the 1987 film Masters of the Universe, or more specifically the fact that this line comes from Masters of the Universe:

'Live the journey, for every destination is but a doorway to another.'

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