Sunday, 16 January 2011


So I think I've mentioned this a couple of times now, but I've recently taken over a monthly filmmaking event in Brighton called MovieBar. If you want to find out more about the history of this event I've written all about it on the MovieBar blog here.

I've been talking about the previous incarnations of MovieBar since I started this blog as I've been to almost every one of them since it started, which is partly why I ended up taking over when the previous organisers stepped down. It's been a huge source of inspiration to me over the years and I'm proud (if also a little nervous) to be taking over one of Brighton's longest running film events. I've also got an awesome team of people helping out, including Brother Pete who designed a brand new logo:

I now have a whole set of new links for MovieBar:

The aforementioned blog is here.

There's a Facebook group here.

We're on Twitter here.

And if you want to join the mailing list or contact me about submitting a film to be screened you can e-mail

If you are based in Brighton and have an interest in films (which I presume you do if you're reading this blog) then please follow the other blog, sign up to the Facebook group, follow us on Twitter and most importantly come along to the launch night on Monday 7th February 2010. We've just finalised the line-up of films for that night and I promise you it is going to be awesome.

If you don't live anywhere near Brighton this may still be of interest to you. I'm hoping to turn the MovieBar blog into a showcase for any of the films we screen that are online so it's worth following that blog too as I'll be posting some really fantastic films there soon.

Also, if you're a filmmaker and have something you'd like me to screen please let me know. While I have to have a bit of a local bias, I will also be screening films from people who can't make it to the evening. I just might insist you send me a few words about the film for me to read out, or perhaps even insist you film an introduction. If you have something you'd like to submit e-mail me at

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