Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Things that should be easy...

So I've just spent the last few days sorting out MovieBar stuff and have posted the full line-up of films for the first event here.

This has been incredibly hard work, mostly because I decided to use ymail as the e-mail account, which was purely based on the fact that it would give me the moviebar@ prefix. Now I'm starting to regret that decision. I hate ymail, ymail hates me. Ymail hates me so much it's not letting me send messages anymore. We fell out, big time.

I thought this would be the easy part. Facebook already thinks I'm a serial spammer because of the time I tried to tell my then 100-odd friends about
Ten Dead Men being released. But it lets me get by and apart from the new Group format being awful and not useful in the slightest I've managed okay with the MovieBar stuff on there.

Not so with ymail. Ymail doesn't like me e-mailing 200 people at the same time. So I try e-mailing 100. No? How about 50. This is a harmless short film night after all, I'm not asking people for their account details so I can rescue my long lost brother from Nigeria. Yes! 50 is okay! I've e-mailed 50 people. Right, onto the next 50...oh, now you're not letting me e-mail 50 people. 20?

Until I realised I've been blocked from sending anything. So I sent the e-mail from my personal account instead which I will probably come to regret later.

I will stop ranting there, just needed to get that off my chest. Do check out the line-up even if you can't make it to the evening - I'll post links to any of the films that are online after the event.

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