Thursday, 17 March 2011

The best kind of meltdown...

So I kind of had a meltdown at the weekend, but in the best possible way. I'm working on two rewrites which I'm trying to get finished by the end of the month. On Friday I had call about one of those, then another director whose project I've kind of been neglecting due to all this other stuff called so I decided I'd better do some work on that too as that one's still at outline stage. Then I got some notes on a project I finished a while ago and although my new policy is to not rewrite a script every time Jeff Random sends me notes there were a couple of blatant errors that I really need to fix before it gets sent out to anyone else. Plus I'm trying to sort out MovieBar for April. And every now and again I have this nagging feeling that there's something else I should be doing and then I remember I made a short film last year that still isn't finished.

So I looked at all this stuff I had to do and made the only sane, logical decision possible. I didn't do any of it. I played Xbox, watched films and spent time with my wife who was busy not doing things she had planned to do. It was a good weekend.

I had a slight panic on Sunday realising that I still had loads to do, now with one less free weekend in which to do it. No problem, I thought, I'll catch up in the week.

I did not catch up in the week. I completely failed to catch up. I've spent most of the week sorting out MovieBar which is now pretty much done - the empty shelf where I keep the DVDs of films we're showing is starting to get a bit less empty (I'll post the full line-up this weekend).

Then I've been planning stuff. Ideas for things that will require lots more work but will be super-awesome if I can get past the planning stage. Things that I probably shouldn't be thinking about until I've cleared my current slate, but that's how my mind works. And the student in me still can't cope with meeting a deadline in good time so I have to procrastinate until I have no choice but to stay up until the early hours of the morning writing furious (as seen here).

Tonight I'm having a night off, then I'm spending the whole weekend writing. The whole complete entirety of the weekend. Every spare minute will be spent at my desk writing stuff... expect a blog post about monkeys and cheese, Facebook updates on my video game progress and a video diary in which I recreate the opening titles to Renegade.


Pete Regan said...

I want to see your Renegade intro!!!

hels said...

I ain't seen Renegade... But I will now!

I fully support you're decision to indulge in gamage and the love of yo wife - if you'd died at the end of the aforementioned weekend having holed up just writing for other peoples demands would it have been worth it? You obviously needed some you time.

Am throwing you the address for that blog I were blogging about on fb :D Watch his sizzle reel too; if the guy had some sense of perspective on his work it'd be ok but he actually thinks he's Jesus...

Told Andrea next time I see you guys throwing you a disk with Notes on Scandal, Body Double and Prison Break if you fancy; would you want some mini footage of a Hot Fuzz screening with main cast and crew taking the piss out of each other as well?! x

Chris Regan said...

Awesome, yes that would be ace. I checked out that block - he's amazing. I may see if I can get away with rebranding myself 'Awesome Writer'.

I shouldn't have mentioned the Renegade intro. I now really want to do it.

Ross said...

If you're doing Renegade I HAVE TO BE BOBBY SIX-KILLER!!!

Rosie said...

Although I am a part time lazy sod I am giving you an official kick up the bum. You don't want to hit that year mark, you said so yourself, so i'm afraid you will have to give up sleeping completely!
Rosie :-)

Chris Regan said...

Hi Rosie, sorry the film is taking ages. I am still on top of it.
One day I will write a blog post titled 'Why did it take so long?', but I'm trying to avoid annoying the people who are making it take so long until they've finished doing what I need them to do. I'll update everyone properly soon.